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Coral Package

It is a package where I will give you a full detailed written plan with bespoke and alternative suggestions about hotels, restaurants and activities of your dream itinerary.


You will look after all the reservations.


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Emerald Package

With this package I will book for you the hotels and the transports but only some restaurants and activities you might do.


This flexibility will be the added value to your fabulous tour, giving you the opportunity to experience how life could be unexpectedly pleasant in Italy.


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Diamond Package

It is a package where everything is booked in advance: hotels, transports, restaurants and activities.


We will work together to design your dream itinerary and, then, I will book everything on your behalf.


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Val d'Orcia | Tuscany

The Farm On The Hills

The estate, located in the famous area of the Crete Senesi in Val d'Orcia valley, has an area of ​​four hundred hectares of cereals, vineyards, olive groves...


At the center of this huge estate there are the villa and the farm buildings.


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Salento | Puglia

A Sunny Retreat

This ancient masseria (a typical country house in Puglia) is a truly oasis of charm and peacefulness very close to the baroque town of Lecce.


It was built in an olive grove of 300 hectares dating back to 17th century.


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Val d'Elsa | Tuscany

Tuscan Dream

The property that we approach by a long avenue of cypress trees is a tiny village with a mansion, a small church, few farmhouses and wine cellars.


It is located on the top of a hill with a breathtaking view


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A Neoclassical Tour in Magnificent Villas Recently Restored | Milan & Monza

Art Itineraries

North of Italy

A Corner of Peace and Harmony Where Time Has Stopped


The Royal Villa in Milan, where the Galleria d’Arte Moderna is located, and its English garden are real hidden delights in the hearth of this busy town. The enchanting atmosphere of this location will let you dream about how aristocratic Milanese life was between 18th and 19th centuries.


The Villa Reale (Royal Villa) in Via Palestro is a magnificent and significant example of the Milanese neo-classical architecture


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North of Italy

The Monza Park. A 19th-Century Model Farm And Hunting Preserve


All Ferrari lovers dream to attend the Formula One Italian Grand Prix in Monza at least once in a lifetime. Let’s see what surrounds this challenging circuit.


Everybody has heard about the Monza circuit, where the Formula One Italian Grand Prix takes place every year in September.



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Grand Voyageurs


The Impression of a French Man Who Felt Milanese

A Neoclassical tour around Milan must stop at one of the most famous theatre, in the world: La Scala. Designed by Giuseppe Piermarini and opened in 1778, it was a leading theatre from the very beginning. Here are the impressions of Stendhal, the French novelist, after attending a soirée there.

26 September [1816]. […] I come out of La Scala. My goodness! My admiration never fails. I call La Scala the most important theatre in the world as you get the greatest pleasure from the music.



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North of Italy

Milan | Shopping

A Macramé Bracelet

A macramé bracelet to wish your friends love, fortune, friendship or whatever you want.


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Milan | Bars & Lounges

Hi-Tech & Trees

Located between Via Montenapoleone and Piazza della Scala, Corsia del Giardino is a hidden spot…


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Milan | Hotels

A Milanese Mansion

If you ask a Milanese to suggest a hotel, the first choice will be the “de Milan”. Definitely!


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Art in Need

The Royal Villa of Monza

From an Aristocratic Summer Residence to a Palace Open to Everybody

The Royal Villa of Monza, main front

A neoclassical tour around Milan and surroundings must stop to the Royal Villa of Monza, a beautiful palace recently restored. It takes 30-minutes drive from Milan city centre and it’s really worth visiting.

The Royal Villa of Monza, a huge neoclassical palace very close to Milan, has been recently opened to the public.


This palace is something special to visit for the people who live nearby, like me.

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